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       Quality Guarantee! 

Not all laptop batteries are created equal. Laptop Battery Pros uses the finest materials available. The highest quality plastics, circuit boards and grade "A" cells. Our batteries are the highest quality available guaranteed or your money back!

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Laptop Battery Pros offers brand new quality 100% compatible replacement batteries for most brands of laptops and netbooks. More...

New high capacity extended life batteries available for all popular laptop brands and models.           

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Your Laptop Battery: What You Need to Know 

If you take care of your laptop battery, it can last you for a long time. But if you abuse it, it not only cuts into battery life but cuts into your wallet, as well. Here are some tips to battery care:

1. Never open your battery.
It’s sealed for a good reason—to protect you from the dangerous chemicals inside. Those chemicals can cause serious harm if they come into contact with your skin, or if ingested. Best rule: hands off.

2. When you MUST remove a battery, do so carefully.
Your battery can be recharged just by plugging your computer into a convenient wall outlet.  Eventually, though, it will one day expire (which is why you’re here.) When that happens, you’ll find the perfect replacement battery here on this site. To remove your current battery, be sure to extract it carefully. Do not pierce the protective covering. If it is resistant to removal, let your local computer repair shop handle it for you.

3. Find the correct battery replacement.
Most manufacturers offer more than one replacement option for your battery. Some of these options give you a longer battery life, others offer price differences. Extended life batteries are not right for every laptop, so be sure you refer to your product manual for details on recommended battery replacements.  

Why Purchase from Laptop Battery Pros?

You should always be careful when you shop online. Not every business holds to the same high standards that we do.  Here are 3 excellent reasons to place your confidence in Laptop Battery Pros over our competition:

. Satisfaction Guaranteed
All of our batteries come with a full 1-year warranty. But going beyond that, we guarantee your satisfaction with us as a company, too. You cannot lose.

. Fast, Courteous Service
We’re making a name for ourselves with our prompt, friendly service. Our goal is to be your battery resource for years to come … and to be so good at what we do that you come back again and again.

. Low, Unbeatable Prices
Our prices are some of the most competitive on the Net. We work hard at negotiating with our manufacturers for the best deals…and we pass the savings on to you. Check us out—we offer some of the best battery pricing and lowest shipping costs online.

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