Compaq Laptop Battery X1000(nx7000)

Compaq Laptop Battery X1000(nx7000)

Compaq Laptop Battery X1000(nx7000)

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Compaq Laptop Battery X1000(nx7000)

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Compaq Laptop Battery X1000(nx7000)
SKU: CM1013A
Cell Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Cell: 8
Color: Black
Weight: 1 lbs

MSRP:   $121.00
Regular Price: $99.99
 On Sale For: $49.99 

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Compatible Replacement For:
Business Notebook: 7010, NX7000, NX7000 Series, NX7010, NX7010 Series, Pavilion: Z T3040AP, ZT3000, ZT3000 series, ZT3001US, ZT3007LA, ZT3010AP, ZT3010EA, ZT3010US, ZT3011AP, ZT3012AP, ZT3012EA, ZT3013AP, ZT3014AP, ZT3015AP, ZT3015EA, ZT3016AP, ZT3017AP, ZT3017EA, ZT3017LA, ZT3017WM, ZT3018AP, ZT3019AP, ZT3019EA, ZT3020AP, ZT3020EA, ZT3020US, ZT3021AP, ZT3022AP, ZT3022EA, ZT3023AP, ZT3024AP, ZT3024EA, ZT3025AP, ZT3026AP, ZT3027AP, ZT3028AP, ZT3029AP, ZT3030AP, ZT3030EA, ZT3031AP, ZT3032AP, ZT3033AP, ZT3034AP, ZT3035AP, ZT3036AP, ZT3037AP, ZT3038AP, ZT3039AP, ZT3041AP, ZT3042AP, ZT3043AP, ZT3044AP, ZT3045AP, ZT3046AP, ZT3047AP, ZT3048AP, ZT3049AP, ZT3050AP, ZT3050EA, ZT3051AP, ZT3057LA, ZT3068CL, ZT3100, ZT3101EA, ZT3101US, ZT3105EA, ZT3106EA, ZT3110EA, ZT3111EA, ZT3113EA, ZT3114EA, ZT3115EA, ZT3116EA, ZT3120EA, ZT3130EA, ZT3131EA, ZT3140US, ZT3170US, ZT3200, ZT3201AP, ZT3201US, ZT3202AP, ZT3203AP, ZT3204AP, ZT3205AP, ZT3206AP, ZT3207AP, ZT3208AP, ZT3209AP, ZT3210AP, ZT3210EA, ZT3211AP, ZT3211EA, ZT3212AP, ZT3212EA, ZT3213AP, ZT3214AP, ZT3214EA, ZT3215AP, ZT3215EA, ZT3216AP, ZT3217AP, ZT3218AP, ZT3219AP, ZT3220AP, ZT3220EA, ZT3221AP, ZT3222AP, ZT3223AP, ZT3224AP, ZT3225AP, ZT3228AP, ZT3229AP, ZT3230AP, ZT3231AP, ZT3232AP, ZT3232EA, ZT3235AP, ZT3236AP, ZT3237AP, ZT3239EA, ZT3240EA, ZT3241EA, ZT3242EA, ZT3250US, ZT3250XX MV IUR, ZT3260EA, ZT3280US, ZT3300, ZT3301AP, ZT3302AP, ZT3302US, ZT3303AP, ZT3304AP, ZT3305AP, ZT3306AP, ZT3307AP, ZT3308AP, ZT3309AP, ZT3310AP, ZT3310EA, ZT3311AP, ZT3312AP, ZT3312EA, ZT3313AP, ZT3314AP, ZT3314EA, ZT3315AP, ZT3315EA, ZT3316AP, ZT3316EA, ZT3317AP, ZT3318AP, ZT3319AP, ZT3320AP, ZT3320EA, ZT3321AP, ZT3322AP, ZT3323AP, ZT3324AP, ZT3325AP, ZT3326AP, ZT3327AP, ZT3328AP, ZT3329AP, ZT3330AP, ZT3330EA, ZT3331AP, ZT3332AP, ZT3333AP, ZT3334AP, ZT3335AP, ZT3336AP, ZT3337AP, ZT3338AP, ZT3339AP, ZT3340AP, ZT3340EA, ZT3340US, ZT3341AP, ZT3342AP, ZT3344AP, ZT3345AP, ZT3346AP, ZT3349CL, ZT3350EA, ZT3350US, ZT3351EA, ZT3355US, ZT3368EA, ZT3370EA, ZT3377LA, ZT3380LA, ZT3380US, ZT3400, ZT3418EA, ZT3420EA, ZT3440EA, ZT3447EA, ZT3449EA, ZT3450EA, ZT3451EA, ZT3459EA, ZT3460EA, ZT3461EA, ZT3462EA, ZT3463EA, ZT3464EA, Presario: 1018CL, 1020US, 1032AP, 1033AP, 1034AP, 1035AP, 1036AP, 1037AP, 1039AP, 1040AP, 1041AP, X1000, X1000 series, X1001, X1001US, X1002, X1002US, X1005, X1005EA, X1005LA, X1005LA DL858A, X1006, X1006EA, X1007, X1007EA, X1010AL, X1010CA, X1010EA, X1010US, X1011, X1011AL, X1012, X10120EA, X1012AL, X1012EA, X1012QV, X1015, X1015US, X1016, X1016EA, X1018, X1018CL, X101US, X1020, X1020EA, X1020US, X1021, X1021AP, X1022, X1022AP, X1023, X1023AP, X1026, X1026AP, X1027, X1027AP, X1028, X1028AP, X1028CL, X1029, X1029AP, X1030, X1030AP, X1030US, X1031, X1031AP, X1032, X1032AP, X1033, X1033AP, X1034, X1034AP, X1035, X1035AP, X1036, X1036AP, X1037, X1037AP, X1038, X1038AP, X1039AP, X1040, X1040AP, X1040US, X1041, X1041AP, X1042, X1042AP, X1043, X1043AP, X1044, X1044AP, X1045, X1045AP, X1046, X1046AP, X1047, X1047AP, X1048, 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Comparable Part Number
336962-001, 337607-001, 337607-002, 337607-003, 346970-001, DG103A, DL615A, PP2080, PP2082P,

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